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Protecting individuals, families, small businesses, and employee groups since 2014. We have been taught to never use the legal system unless it is unavoidable, primarily due to the high hourly rates. What if you had an entire network of top-rated law firms throughout North America ready to server you, rather than bill you? Would you get that contract reviewed before you signed it? Would you get your will updated (or even created, if you are one of the 60% - 70% who don't have one), or had a letter or phone call made on your behalf when a big company was not taking good care of you, if you didn't have to check your bank account balance first? Click the Learn More button to enter our site.

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IDShield Plans

Identity theft impacts millions of people each year. Criminals are using a variety of scams & hacks to collect & steal your personal information. Dark web, social and identity and credit monitoring are all part of our service. Should your identity be stolen, we offer full restoration services as part of your membership.


"This is the easiest way to have an attorney one call away, no guessing or stressing and you have access to an entire network of paid legal providers. Lots of membership perks that cover the membership fee for years. You get discounts from 400 different national companies all from the convenience of your phone. Ask LegalShield requires no login and is free to download. You can find answers to questions like:

What is a living will? How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy? How do I obtain a death certificate? Will a revocable living trust avoid probate expenses? Are traffic violations civil or criminal matters? How can I collect money that is owed to me by my customers? Can I collect child support from an out-of-state parent?

Are subleases allowed? All these questions can be addressed by calling your attorney from your cell or home phone.